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Online Sharing Sessions


20/3/2022 (Sunday)

12:00 - 13:00

Language: Cantonese

Fee: Free

Zoom Meeting ID: 848 3287 1574

Passcode: 394543



Every Day, Month, and Year - Sharing on
Touch Art

Host: Wong Ka Ying
Guests: Participating Artists

In conjunction with the "8th Touch Art Festival - Every Month" exhibition, visually impaired artists and sighted artists will respond to the exploration of multi-sensory art through their works in different media. The artists and curator will share their ideas and stories behind their works and the exhibition, and interpret the artistic vision of communion and empathy.


Host Introduction

Wong Ka Ying is the guest curator of the Touch Art Festival this year, she is an artist and writer based in Hong Kong. She received her BFA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013 and obtained her M.Phil. Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2021, currently a Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Wong expresses passion in writing, curating and art educations. She made an outward appearance on various public sharing, seminars, panel discussions and talks, actively engaging with the communities and art lovers.


The Design Perception of Visually Impaired People


Co-Presented: Hong Kong Art & Design Community

Speaker: Chan Ka Hing, Cheung Kai Fu

Design often comes from problem-solving. Through the conversation with Fu, we can know more about how Fu, a visually impaired person, solves the problems and inconveniences of daily life like taking a bus, paying cash, watching TV, and playing soccer through his own inventions and designs. The spirit of "getting inspired" is worth learning from both visually impaired and sighted people.

Speaker's Introduction
Chan Ka Hing, designer & visual artist, founding member of Hong Kong Art & Design Community. Believing “Design is not just a work of production and services, it is also a mode of thinking and an attitude of living.”, and participating actively in a social design project and promoting design critique recently. 

Cheung Kai-Fu is one of the artists at the 8th Touch Art Festival. He began to lose sight at the age of 40, and now he has less than 0.1% of vision. He once worked as a carpenter but he laughed at himself that he had not yet completed his apprenticeship. He has participated in the “Touch Art Festival” for 5 years. He loves to let his imagination run wild, he is also passionate about collecting objects and remaking them into something useful or creative. In his free time, Cheung likes to create and feel life with his sense of touch.

27/3/2022 (Sunday)

14:30 - 16:00

Language: Cantonese

Fee: Free

Zoom Meeting ID: 898 0184 4542

Passcode: 569443


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