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Introduction to

Touch Art

Introduced by CCCD and Mr. Yohei Nishimura (recipient of the Foreign Minister Ceramics Award 1977 and exhibited in New York Cavin-Morris Gallery), touch art had been developed in Hong Kong nearly a decade with support with different funding and sponsorships.


Visual Art is an art form that covers a very wide domain including works that are two and three dimensional. However persons with visual impairment usually find it difficult to express themselves through visual art. So the advent of touch art is another means for communication and creation aside from what is visual.


Persons with visual impairment are good at audio senses and music has become one of their great means of creativity. They too have great senses of touch and smell and they also partake in theatre, dance and performance art.


We can utilize our sense of touch to feel the texture of various materials and uses the characteristics of different materials to create art works. For that purpose, we can use inexpensive abandoned materials or very pricey ones.


In the following paragraphs, milestones and a review of the previous projects will be introduced.


Touch art is not constructed just for the needs of the visually impaired; touch art is for everyone!

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