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The 8th Touch Art Festival is coming to an end. A total of ten artists were invited to create works for the exhibition this year. The creations of visually impaired artists are the main theme of the exhibition, to continue their exploration of touch art. The theme of this year's art festival is "Every Day, Month, and Year." Artists used their imagination to explore everyday life from a conceptual and cross-sensory experience perspective.

The first stage of the exhibition is themed "Every Day". Five visually impaired artists used daily trivialities as inspiration to create designs and works that can solve their day-to-day problems and reflect on themselves.
The second stage of the exhibition is themed "Every Month". Another five local artists were invited to figure out how the five senses beyond touching can exercise creativity and explore art during the pandemic.
The final stage of the exhibition is themed "Every Year". Visually impaired artists were encouraged to express their thoughts and reflections by communicating with other artists. It deepens their creative direction and thinking. From a macro perspective, the festival hopes that visually impaired individuals will not be stereotyped or misunderstood.

If you want to relive the exhibitions and events of the art festival, you must watch the documentary of the “8th Touch Art Festival”. Touch has no distinction between the disabled and the able-bodied, nor is there a distinction between visually impaired and sighted creations. Promoting inclusion is not something that can be achieved in just one Touch Art Festival. Please look forward to the 9th Touch Art Festival, and we hope that everyone will be more interested in touch art and promote inclusion in more social aspects.

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Exhibition II "Every Month" Tour

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