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Participating Artists

Cheung Kai-Fu began to lose sight at the age of 40, and now he has less than 0.1% of vision. He once worked as a carpenter but he laughed at himself that he had not yet completed his apprenticeship. He has participated in the “Touch Art Festival” for 6 years.

He loves to let his imagination run wild, he is also passionate about collecting objects and remaking them into something useful or creative. In his free time, Cheung likes to create and feel life with his sense of touch.
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Lam Hei Ching graduated from the Department of Philosophy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in 2020, Lam Hei Ching stumbled across touch art in the same year. In recent years, she has been fascinated by the repetitive geometric structures of origami.
Lo is a Hong Kong-based artist with disabilities who has experienced visual impairment and severe neurological problems.

After gradually discovering that he had been misdiagnosed with a mental illness, he decided to explore the mysteries of life behind heterogeneous bodies by starting with the origins of human wisdom. He has since achieved enlightenment and uses the transmission of tactile energy as a medium to guide all sentient beings into a possible world where the material and spiritual aspect of life is integrated.
Peter Chang (nicknamed Thousand Year Old Egg) became blind due to a traffic accident around 1970. He has participated in the “Touch Art Festival” for the last 9 years; he is a big fan of this annual art festival.

In the previous Touch Art Festivals, he created ceramic works with secondary school students and worked with artists to sculpt his mother's head. He likes eating tea eggs and likes practicing Tai Chi and learning physical dance.
Chan Ting is a Hong Kong artist who works in th field of image, installation, sound, and performance art.

She uses found 
objects, ready-made objects, or alternative materials within the city, such as discarded furniture, abandoned items, and inexpensive industrial materials, as well as texts and images, in response to the forgotten imagination in urban life, often emerges as a stream of consciousness.

After retiring, Yan Wai-lung focused on seal engraving but began to practice seal script calligraphy because of a sudden eye disease. He has participated in seal engraving and calligraphy exhibitions for 4 years. He likes collecting stamps and has participated in stamp exhibitions for 5 years.


In 2003, the right eye of Yan got macular degeneration, but he kept doing his design works. Till 2017, his left eye got hemorrhage and retinal detachment, his vision turned black, only black and white images remained after the surgery. And he has no sense of three-dimensional distance. His right eye only has 10% vision left.

Jessica has been passionate about painting since childhood. Despite her chronic illnesses and visual impairment, she has become a sand painter, portraying sensational stories through sand and lightboxes.

She is also skilled in expressing her intuition and love for colours through acrylic paintings, she has been invited to participate in various programmes and performances, including "When Poetry Meets Sand Arts" at The 12th Hong Kong Literature Festival: Interflow, "Metro Broadcast Anniversary Presents: Hins Cheung & Friends 2018", "Sai Kung District Chinese Music Concert" in the Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China", a guest appearance in the TV series Come On, Cousin, and various sand painting short film productions.

Born in 1993, XIAO Wen Yan graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017.


In 2021, he set up his own studio and is now working as an art technician in Hong Kong. Additionally, he is actively involved in various art education programs, projects and workshops. He finds his enjoyment in contextualizing his work within the traditional craft culture and its development through th

 e lens of daily experiences to comprehend and pursue the possibilities and value of craft practices through material explorations and experiments.


Currently, he is seeking further professional teaching activities and experiences, and to integrate and synthesize them into his personal creative process.

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CHENG Ting Ting (born in 1990, Hong Kong), mainly works with painting and drawing, completed her MA in Fine Arts from the University of Bergen, Norway in 2021. During the postgraduate study, she further extended her work to printmaking.

She currently works as the part-time lecturer at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University. Her works usually begin with obscurity and are followed by the interplay among materials, which 
gives shapes to the intangibles. Through the process that Cheng has faith in, she slowly unfolds daily elusiveness and absurdity.

Lai Lon Hin (2).jpeg

Lai Lon Hin has been practising photography since the early 2000s, including a focus on the material of instant film, and is best known for his snapshot aesthetics. In 2013, he discontinued the use of professional cameras, turned his focus exclusively to the phone camera, and has since ceaselessly published his works on social media. Lai practises a mode of seeing through framing and zooming in, which forces his personal vision and perspective upon the viewer in a nearly hysterical manner.


Lai has participated in several group exhibitions, including “Inside China [Journées Thématiques]” (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2015); “Hong Kong Photography Series 2: City Flâneur – Social Documentary Photography” (Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2010), and Pingyao International Photography Festival (China, 2008). His work is collected by Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Hong Kong) and M+ Museum (Hong Kong). He was also an editor for the art magazine KLACK. In 2018, he published his first monograph Teleportation.


Lai currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

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