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Every Year

The first stage exhibition of the 8th Touch Art Festival, "Every Day", expounded on the everyday life of the visually impaired. In contrast, the second stage exhibition, "Every Month", invited a group of sighted artists to probe into the touches of life under the pandemic. In the final stage of the festival, the exhibition "Every Year" focuses on the visually impaired artists involved in this year's event, delving into their thoughts and reflections resulting from the artistic creations and collaboration over the past year.


Someone recently asked, "Should a real visually impaired person enact the visually impaired character in a TV drama?" Be it sounds simple, the question is a perfect proposition for this exhibition. Starting from the most subtle observations of daily life to the deliberations on how to coexist with the people and matters around us, the festival is expected to present the social experiences of the visually impaired in a macroscopic approach in its final chapter. Despite the facts of being stereotyped, rejected, ignored, and taken for granted, visually impaired people manage to nurture a transmundane point of view. Through their unconventional perspectives on the social norms and conventions, they present the beauty and absurdity in everyday life that few people resonate within a delicate way.


In terms of the nature of touch, there is indeed no difference between the visually impaired and the sighted people. The 8th Touch Art Festival cordially invites you to bring what you see and feel in this project into practice and interact with the people you meet every day, month and year to promote empathic understanding and inclusion.

Wong Ka Ying (Guest Curator)


Opening Tour

Docent: Wong Ka Ying

14/5/2022 Saturday


Participating Artist

Know more about our 10 artists, including 5 visually impaired artists and 5 sighted local artists.



"Convenient for Your Own" 

6/5/2022 Friday


"Before a thousand nights" 

15/5/2022 Sunday



Visually Impaired Artists Interview

Viewing now


Sharing Session

''Playing with ''Blindness''! Retrospect and Prospects of Touch Art''

14/5/2022 Saturday

15:30 - 16:30

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