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Chu Hoi Ding


Ouroboros Torus 


Japanese red clay, animation, sound

As a symbol in different national legends, ouroboros means not only the chaotic state of the world but also the everlasting trendy concept "∞". The etymological meaning of "Ouroboros" in Greek means "self-devourer", referring to something which grows by annihilating oneself.


In topology, a torus is turned inside out as if it is devouring itself, while the space remains unchanged. Ouroboros is a biological torus. Made with wheel throwing techniques, the toruses in this artwork are taken as a space experiment using pottery clay. Along with the sound of touching wet clay with hands, this is an attempt to verify the distance between reality and theories,  at the same time, a representation of the euphoric experience of the sense of touch and the association of desire within making. 

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