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Lo Keng Chi


Synaesthesia Coaching by Master Chi Chi 


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Name: Touch Art Master Spiritual Course


This series of exhibits is about Master Chi Chi's spiritual course. The content includes Master Chi Chi's speech on synaesthesia coaching, his personal experience of emotional transformation experiments, and a setup where visitors can experience touch exercises.


Master Chi Chi's spiritual course combines touch art with the trending spiritual coaching to promote the liberation and harmony of the rehabilitation culture in Hong Kong, break down the prejudices in-between different things in the universe, and achieve disability inclusion in different dimensions. Only with an empathetic and inclusive attitude can we build a beautiful artistic realm.


Performance by Master Chi Chi

"In March, as the stars of the inner universe are affecting the world, the Touch Art Festival is held online, where the eye replaces the sense of touch and brings art into the boundless space of the primordial universe. - Master Chi Chi

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