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Lo Lai Lai Natalie




Nylon net, traces of nature, video

The two old video works are re-interpreted. Synesthesia is used to stimulate the participants' visual, tactile and auditory senses to feel the futility in farm work, the concentration and the distraction of woodworking.


Two Video Works


Rice Flowers


Single Channel Video / Stereo / Colour / 3’ 20” / Chinese & English Subtitles


Rice Flowers is a phenomenon that only lasts as short as one week during rice plantation. Once the land was confiscated, people sought out other lands for agriculture, however wrestling with the earth and nature continue to linger.


Our Minds Drifting Away, Again 


Single Channel Video / Stereo / Colour / 5’ 40” /  Chinese & English Subtitles


A few minutes making of a wooden sculpture, imitating a Katsuobushi (dried Bonito), the traditional ingredient in Japanese cooking. The process was pure and simple. We, the shooting and production team, seems focused, but without notice, our minds drifted away, again.

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