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Yan Wai Lung


Celebrating Prosperity with the Roaring Tiger


Golden orange Fai Chung paper, transparent plastic sheet, straw

The Hong Kong market rebounded as the year was coming to the end while the pandemic slowed down. We even hoped to resume cross-border travel. However, the sudden outbreak of the Omicron variant not only disrupted the New Year celebrations but also resulted in a depressive New Year. What a letdown!


I create auspicious couplets every year. This time, I tried to express my feelings toward the pandemic with the couplet entitled "The roar of the tiger drives the pandemic away. Hongkongers celebrate a happy new year as always".


Although we cannot enjoy the thriving scene of Chinese New Year, let's dispel all the negative emotions and welcome the year of the tiger; as long as we abide by the pandemic prevention measures, Hong Kong can return to normal soon.

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